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Our Demolition Services

Our Demolition Services

At UJUNKY, we offer safe and efficient methods of demolition that can help you clear up some space and get rid of parts of your property that you no longer want. Aside from our junk removal services, we also offer demolition for both garages and driveways. Here, we’re going to break down what, exactly, happens during our demolition services and how you can get the ball rolling.

Making the Order

The very first step is to get in touch with our team at UJUNKY and tell us what, exactly, you need to be demolished. We handle both garages and concrete structures (such as driveways and patios), but whether you call us or get a quote online, we’re likely to follow up with some questions to get details about what you want demolished. In order to be able to give an accurate quote, we may learn the dimensions of the structure that you want to be demolished. Then, we will give you the quote and, if you’re happy, arrange a time that’s convenient for you when we can come out and carry out the demolition.

Demolishing the Garage

Ensuring that we have the permits necessary, we will arrive with a dumpster ready, as well as the rest of our equipment, and start the demolition process. Utilities such as water and electricity are likely to have to be turned off, first. We start by removing the roof, taking off the roofing materials until the frame is left, which we will  then cut out (usually with a circular saw.) Next, we will pull down the walls, which may be done with a sledgehammer, a ripping bar, or an excavator depending on what it’s made of.

Depending on what the garage is made of, we might be able to demolish it entirely with hand tools. Our team of strong and practiced workers has no problem tearing things down a little sweat and the right tools. However, if required, we do machinery such as excavators that can tear down stronger materials, as well.

Demolishing Concrete

If you have any concrete installations, be they concrete walls, sidewalks, or otherwise, we will break them into small chunks that can be taken out and make sure they’re removed from the property. Depending on what the structure is, we may need to turn off the utilities before the work begins. Using a sledgehammer, a jackhammer, or other tools as are required, we will safely and skillfully smash the concrete in specific locations to break it into smaller pieces. At the same time, we will be prying it up, creating a vacuum underneath the concrete that makes it easier to break it into smaller pieces. Concrete is usually formed on a wire mesh beneath, which we will cut through to make sure that we can lift out the individual pieces to throw them away.

We can use equipment such as a power wheelbarrow to easily transport the pieces of concrete, making the cleanup process a lot easier.

Hauling Away the Demolished Materials

Regardless of what we are demolishing, you don’t need to worry about having to clean up after us. Whatever materials are left, we can take them for you. Materials that can be reused may be salvaged during the process, reducing the amount of waste that we have to deal with. Otherwise, we are going to make sure there is a dumpster on the scene to make sure that we can get rid of what waste is left without too much trouble.

During the process, we will be using either a hand-pushed wheelbarrow or a power wheelbarrow to scoop up and load the materials. Then, all we have to do is roll it over to the dumpster and fill it up.

What equipment do we use?

The equipment that we use is going to differ from project to project. Some of them will only require a series of hand tools needed to rip out and break up the materials so that we can take them away. However, we do have power tools and heavy machinery when they are needed to demolish the bigger or tougher structures. Some examples of the equipment we are likely to bring:

  • Hand tools such as pry bars, sledgehammers, pliers and pullers, snips, and so on for the work that we can do by hand.
  • Circular or power saws, which are very useful for cutting through things like concrete wire meshes and garage frames.
  • Jackhammers, which we can use to easily break up materials such as concrete into much smaller pieces.
  • Heavy machinery such as excavators, which can be used to tear down tougher structures and pile the waste into a neat area, ready for haulage.
  • Wheelbarrows, either manual or electric powered, that we can use to haul away any demolished materials.
  • A dumpster that we can then unload all of the waste materials into so that there’s no mess left on your property.

What safety precautions do we put in place?

With demolition projects, there is often a lot of debris to consider, not to mention tools that can cause real harm when they are misused. As such, our team is thoroughly trained to ensure a safe work site, and we put the following precautions in practice:

  • Being aware of asbestos and checking for it during every project.
  • Supplying and wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, hard hats, safety goggles, and so on.
  • Ensuring only those trained to use power tools and equipment are allowed to do so and observing a safe distance around them when they are using it.
  • Keeping the site clean and making sure all waste materials are moved away as quickly as possible.
  • Monitoring noise, vibrations, and dust to make sure we take the right actions to counteract any danger posed.

Order Your Demolition Services Today

Let us handle the danger of demolition with experienced workers and methods that put safety first. We can get you through the entire process from start to finish with no problems. Get in touch with our team at UJUNKY today and let us know what you need to be demolished. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, so there’s no reason not to get in touch by contacting us here.

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