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Save Money With Concrete Demolition Specialists

Save Money With Concrete Demolition Specialists

Are you looking to save hundreds of dollars on your repair or remodel your driveway? Then look no further, as our trusted and reliable team at UJUNKY can help you to cut the costs by combining the activities of demolishing your driveway and hauling away the excess concrete in one handy service, externally from your driveway remodel project. Most if not all other contractors who offer a concrete pouring service will charge you an extortionate additional fee to demolish your previous driveway before they begin creating your new model, and this can increase your end bill significantly.

Choosing our service will no doubt provide you with the most cost-effective driveway, as we will demolish and haul away your concrete ready for the new concrete pourers to get started with their job. You can rest assured knowing you accessed the best price for your new home addition, as we aim to save you a respectable sum without compromising the quality of your driveway.

How can UJUNKY help me to save cash?
There’s nothing worse than falling out of love with your old driveway, but upon searching for a new alternative you might be surprised at the enormous price tags that come with a full remodel service. This huge sum is usually because most remodel services grossly overcharge for the service of demolishing and removing the left-over concrete that’s now redundant after demolition. Part of their reasoning is that this isn’t their main focus or skillset, as they want to channel their efforts more into the creation of a new driveway rather than the removal of an old one.

Rather than give into these high fees, you can get in touch with an independent company like UJUNKY to take over for a far more affordable price tag. We specialize in concrete demolition and removal, and with it being our main focus, we can provide you with the best dedicated service on the market today. Most demolition companies will charge you upwards of $6,000 to demolish and haul away your old concrete driveway, but we are committed to beating this sum whilst exceeding in terms of service quality and customer care.

Contacting a demolition specialist will offer you ultimate peace of mind, as you can let us do what we do best – demolish your concrete and haul it away – while your expert driveway layers do what they are most talented at – pouring new concrete! We have years of industry experience in the process of demolition and hauling away concrete, so we know how to avert the risks and maintain a safe working environment, too. Security is always a main priority here at UJUNKY, as we take your safety seriously.

You can easily save $100’s of dollars by choosing to get in touch with UJUNKY to take over the responsibility of demolishing and removing your old concrete driveway, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more about our top-rated service now!

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