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What To Expect When Using Our Services

At UJUNKY , it’s our mission to provide the most effective, efficient, and safest junk hauling and junk removal services that we can. We do this not only by having a team of strong, experienced, and competent workers on our side, but by putting into practice high standards of work. As such, here is what you can expect from our team when you need us to haul away your junk. 

Calling Our Junk Removal Specialists

To make sure that we can give you an accurate quote and lay out a timeframe for when we can start and complete the job, you should get in touch with our team. We will take details on what needs to be removed and where it is. From there, we calculate how much space we need to transport it, as well as what tools and how big the team has to be. Then we can offer accurate quotes and timeframes, before setting an appointment.

The Process Of Moving The Junk Out

We have a team of experienced junk removal specialists who can make sure that all materials are moved out efficiently and safely. This includes making sure that we keep any pathways as clear as possible, placing hauling tools like wheelbarrows efficiently, and making sure we bring enough people for the specifics of the job. As such, we offer a high-quality, hassle-free junk hauling service, with safety precautions such as personal protective gear to keep our team and your property protected.

Going The Extra Mile

Junk disposal isn’t always just about lifting and removing what you no longer want. Sometimes you have goods that will take a little extra work, but we are willing to put that work in. This can remove carpet that will have to be torn up and cut out, clunky or heavy items that might require special equipment such as trolleys to remove, as well as junk that’s so large or built-in that we have to break it down first. We will always bring the tools and the expertise needed to use them so that these extra challenges prove no challenge at all to our team.

Using Our Industry-Standard Trucks

UJUNKY stands above many of our competitors in the industry thanks to the equipment that we bring. This includes the higher quality trucks we use in our junk disposal services. These trucks are larger than usual and we’re trained in making sure that we fill them safely to capacity so we can take away more with each trip. This helps us cut down the amount of time it takes for each job.

Get In Touch With Our Junk Removal Services In Milwaukee, Wisconsin  

If you want to take advantage of the skilled workers and efficient, safe practices of UJUNKY for junk hauling and junk removal, all you have to do is call. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here if you have a project for us or you need us to answer any questions.

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