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Residential Junk Removal Milwaukee, WI

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    Wondering what we can and cannot remove?

    There’s a lot of questions that clients have when it comes to junk removal. The word junk in itself is pretty broad. So then, what do we take here at UJUNKY? The answer is everything – almost! We have the right mechanisms in place to ensure safe and effective disposals. However, certain items such as those that posit a risk to human health are not eligible. This includes hazardous waste as well as elements with a dangerous radioactive profile. If you’re unsure whether your junk falls in the eligible category or not, please give us a call at 414-485-9696 to confirm!

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    Everything we take

    Let’s get to the real deal. UJUNKY is always ready to take care of your unwanted belongings, trash, commercial items and more.

    • Kitchen equipment
    • Home Appliances
    • Commercial Appliances
    • Garbage
    • Construction Debris
    • Furniture
    • Musical instruments
    • Electronics
    • Junkyard items
    • CDs, DVDs, Cassettes
    • Obsolete items
    • Demolition remains
    • Mattresses
    • Home décor
    • More

    Don’t wait any longer and let us empty your space today!

    Start fresh without all the junk tying you down

    Are you tired of the clutter invading your space? Whether you’re dealing with an overcrowded attic or an entire home with useless things lying around, sprawled across the floor, our services are the right choice. After all, why should you have to pay for storage when there’s a much better solution around?

    Let us connect you with agencies that deal with hazardous waste

    While we cannot help on this frontier due to regulation and infrastructural guidelines, we will connect you with people who can! We want all our clients to be safe, rest assured, our reliable references in the network will provide the solution you need.

    How we handle what we take

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! This is what we live by! In that, whatever you choose to get rid is of either transformed into something useful, donated to trustworthy charities or ethically discarded in compliance with regulatory requirements.